6 Best Eye Care Tips for This Summer

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The reality of global warming and climate change means summers are getting warmer with every passing year. There is no escape from the scorching sun this time as well. While you do everything possible to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, Dr. Pranay Singh one of the Best Eye Surgeon in Indore believes that you should not forget your eyes too. As your eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs in your body, this well-known eye doctor in Indore has some useful eye care tips for you this summer. 

A Good Pair of Sunglasses: Invest in the best pair of sunglasses you can afford. You have to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can damage your eyesight and even cause eye cancer. You must buy sunglasses that offer real protection and not just style. 

Use Eye Drops If Necessary: Not taking your eyes off a screen, be it the television or your laptop or mobile can cause pain and dryness. Spending excess time outdoors can also cause eye irritation. Use prescribed eye drops from an Best eye doctor in Indore to keep your eyes lubricated in such extreme conditions. 

Hand Hygiene is Essential: Washing your hands properly this summer can get rid of a lot of eye diseases. As one of the leading eye doctors in Indore, Dr. Pranay Singh sees a lot of conjunctivitis patients every summer. This common eye infection can be avoided by not rubbing your eyes with sweaty hands and washing them regularly to ward off germs and harmful bacteria. 

Keep your eyes hydrated: Dehydration is one reason your eyes run out of tears. It can cause dryness and irritation. What you eat and drink matter to your eyes as well this summer. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated, and produce the normal tears needed to keep your eyes moist. Fruits, vegetables, and food rich in essential nutrients will also add to the cause. 

Good sleep is right for your eyes: Working more than 18 hours a day can tire your eyes. Eyes need sufficient rest daily to get fresh and working for the next day. So, you should not ignore the importance of good sleep for your eyes. 

Swimming goggles in the pool: One of the most refreshing things to do this summer might be to dive into the nearest pool at your disposal. But remember to protect your eyes from the excess chlorine in the water. Wear appropriate swimming goggles to cover your eyes fully as sustained exposure to chlorine water can damage them in the long term.  

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