Oculoplastic Surgery in indore

We spend a lot of time on our eye-makeup: perfectly winged eyeliner, smokey eye shadow and the perfect touch of mascara! But have you ever thought how much bacteria your brushes and pencils would have, and worse the potential damage they could cause your eyes ? Here’s a set of tips to ensure that your eyes can be gorgeously healthy- the chic and clean look!

  1. Make a thorough perusal of the ingredients – On a general note, set yourself a rule that you will purchase eye makeup only after thoroughly going through the ingredients and making sure it cannot cause any undesirable reactions. Avoid talc, sulfates, and urea.
  2. Test your make-up before purchase – This step is not just to ensure that you choose the right shades that enhance your look, but to make sure that your eye makeup does not trigger an allergic reaction. In case you have extra-sensitive eyes or a history of allergies, use cosmetics that are hypoallergenic.
  3. The expiry date is the key – We often overlook this part of the makeup as the bills often tend to be on the higher end. Particles of makeup might come in contact with your eye-pores leading to severe cases of inflammation. Some experts even suggest that eye makeup must be replaced every three months.
  4. Avoid fake eyelashes – Fake eyelashes have both short-term and long-term repercussions. Firstly, the adhesive used to stick the eyelashes can cause a lot of harm to the fragile and thin layers of your eye and can also act as an incubus for bacteria. Secondly, research has found that they cause an increase in the amount and impact of air, including dust particles which can cause cases of extreme dryness in the eye.
  5. Say no to glitter – As fancy and glam as glitter looks, it’s a definite negative as it can cause dryness and sometimes even corneal inflammation.
  6. No makeup on the move – Do not attempt to apply any makeup, especially eye makeup while driving or riding in a vehicle, as the slightest of movement caused by a bump could lead to you poking or scraping your eye.
  7. Wash your tools – Most of the objects in your eye makeup kit are fine for microbial accumulation. It is essential for you to wash your brushes, especially before use. Another critical advice- say no to sharing! Refrain from sharing products as it is a potent means of cross-infection.
  8. No-makeup Nights – Removing your eye makeup is an absolute must before you fall into bed as it increases bacterial build up and consequently inflammation. It is essential that you use the right makeup removal products that suit your skin and eyes as a lot of germs and oil could enter your eye during makeup removal. So quality cleansing products and the right technique is necessary for eye care.

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